UPDATED: 2017 SALFASS Sporto Svente Basketball Schedule


Please find the updated schedule. This includes changes in Junior A (where only three teams are playing -- Ausra, Anapilis and Cleveland) and Men's where the preliminary POOL B had one team drop out and now consists of Ausra A, Atletas, Lituanica B and Hamilton. Pool A Men and Women have not changed.


PDF Icon 2017 Hamilton Sporto Svente Basketball Schedule 


Make sure that players and coaches check the schedule at the gym for their next game as the tournament progresses.



Enjoy your stay in Hamilton and our sports club is proud to be part of the Lithuanian sports community in North America and host this event. 


Thanks for your patience,


Rimas Miecius

Hamilton Kovas Sports Club

Kovas 2016-2017


The 2016-2017 season is starting at a new facilty on Saturdays at 4pm. We have received a permit for the Ancaster Rotary Centre gymnasium (located at 385 Jerseyville Road West in Ancaster).
We require that everyone who comes to practice is registered as a paid member. Our new fees, which were approved at the annual meeting, are: $75 for an adult; $100 for a family; and $50 for a student or a senior. Please bring your cash or cheque to your first practice.  
Kovas will also be hosting the annual SALFASS Lithuanian games for men's and women's basketball at Mohawk College on June 2nd to 4th.
Gym Dates:
Mar 25
Apr 8
Apr 22

May 6
May 27